About Us

I can look outside, but I don't GO outside!
Hello, My name is Jennifer Hainin, and my family and I are located in Manassas, VA, about 30 miles west of Washington, DC.   Our Persians live underfoot in my home with us, and are a part of our family.   My persians are my babies and are pampered and loved very much!   We specialize in chinchilla, shaded silver and occassional golden persians of show and pet quality.    They have gorgeous coats and mesmerizing blue-green eyes.  We prefer the traditional doll faced persians, as many of the doll face lines are free of eye drainage making them gorgeous and enjoyable to look at.   However, we do occassionally produce a "peak face".  The most important traits that I breed for are health and temperment.   It is important to me that their new family enjoys them for long past their kitten phase.   My kitties are raised exclusively in my home, free to roam the entire house.  I have no cages and all of the cats are clean and free of parasites.  I welcome and encourage visitors to come and see them, if possible, before deciding or purchasing a kitten.   My 3 boys pet and play with them everyday, as does our German Shepherd, Gunner!  My goal is to produce the best possible kitten you can find.   Temperament and health are of utmost importance to me as I feel that everyone should have the right to own a healthy, friendly, beautiful family pet, even if you are not interested in breeding or showing your cat.   It gives me great pleasure to raise healthy, happy babies that make wonderful, lifelong pets for the families I place them with.   I am selective as to whom my kittens are placed with, as any reputable breeder should be.   A lot of love, time and attention goes into raising a litter of kittens so please understand that I will want to know as much about you as you do me when placing a kitten (or 2!) in your home.     


Our Home
Thank You,
Jennifer Hainin                                       
I look forward to talking to you about my beautiful babies!

Our kitties' friend and protector, Gunner